Grown to a man

Flow inifitely like the universe

Grown to a man
how I could be,
My mother left me
how all should be.

I had no choice
knowing this could be,
Just letting it flow
as she told me.

I will never be
no-one’s little boy,
when a man grows up
with these kinds of toys.

Where no up  or down
sticks you to the ground
and the infinite flows you
in every round.

My mind and body is
how it should not be.
The biggest secret of
my selfish thing.

Things that should be hidden
from myself,
so that it doesn’t make
rotten inside, my men.

Growing up small
infinite it was.
Interesting I understood
in a buzz.

Without my mum,
I will never be small,
after I realized what was
hidden from all.

Things are out of order now,
As everything is to hide.
What she taught me is
the most important now.

I must learn to be someone else,
feel the other’s thought.
Forget my own self,
and be Venus as told.

Giving up Mars is
hard as it is,
But my mother acted out,
has shown me how it is.

I will teach the way
of infinite to thyself.
To everyone in the crown
of the human self.

I have given up
being strong,
when I realized how
strong you are on.

Stuck up on things or down
I will never be,
The  teacher of the human
kind I will be.

Mother, bliss, you
live inside me,
What you taught
is nature’s heal.

Come with me and be with
me mother of all,
I am your son most and
most and most of all.

Nigga song

we are big black niggers!
and we are very hardcore!
and we kick everybody’s ass!
because we are so strong!
and we are big black niggers!
and we are so very hardcore!
fuck everything! we are the best!
we are big black niggers!
and we are the very best of the niggas!
oh yea!
oh yeah!
szuka bomba rass klad!
oh fuck bomba!
rass klad pizdec szuka!
i am from nigeria!
and i am a big black nigger!
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Nigeria is the best i am from there!
and it’s sooo hot there,
that i go and eat the lion in desert
and i tear it apart with my teeth!
and i like it! it’s so tasty!
because i am a big black nigga!
oh yeah it’s so hot in the desert!
for me the elephant is only the dessert
i became a big black nigga!
calm the fuck down – says my friend
and i can’t stop myself
because myself keeps me going
i am so very hardcore!
but i like you soo much
that it makes me even stronger!

2003. Fun poem