March is here, spring is coming, mum is gone

Well, this is the 3rd of March. I am through with my Mother’s Funeral. I gave her “proper” leave. I cried so much at the funeral. I was thinking at the times we were together. Putting our legs together and watching TV together. So long time ago, and never will happen again. I miss her every day. This is something you cannot change. I cannot bring her back. This is a real loss. These days, I see people getting upset about different things. While I can understand them, there is nothing that can put me down anymore, there is nothing worse than loosing your mother. I never had  a father, he left me when I was about four, so I do not miss him anymore, even though that was a big loss also. I think, I am a full adult now. Like animals, once they grow up, they never get the parental love anymore, like me. I can only love. No one ever love me unconditionally anymore. I am the one to do this. I am the adult.


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