What would a genius say???

One weird question I get asked when I apply for a job is how well I know Java, .NET, PHP and so on. I have almost 10 years of experience in all of them and they could understand from my CV, but I always keep explaining and giving details of a certain language. But you know it is like, they go to Mozart and ask him, hey Mozart, which musical instrument can you play? When he certainly plays multiple instruments and the main thing is that he composes music for large concerts. So in my case, with someone with a solid 13 years business informatics background it is a weird question, but still on an interview it is something that I can expect being asked of…


got so bored of sickness, started watching how birds fly, actually if u think about it a duck owns the air, the ground and the water, isn’t that sick?

and for the record, this is the first time in long ass ages when someone actually greetings me like: dude, hey mate, what’s up man, salalala, so easy-going, london rules

short story about duck life in london:
a duck just wanted to fuck the girl duck, but then he stopped, then i look after the girl duck thinking like damn still we need to fuck that duck, and suddenly the guy duck starts going after her, i am like oh god, i start coughing and OK, the guy duck stops, hangs out … starts hunting underwater again… the other one floats away …

and for the record second time: Ferenc, this IS MY KINDA PLACE! U right.

How come? How long?

Come on everybody? What is going on? 13 years of my adult life, 10 years of it I controlled myself. Now I am going to London to learn to control software development for all the biggest banks in the world from Hungary and all this in a huge company (it is for ME). Suddenly everyone is going to be Jew (descendant of Jacob pffff) and th…en my world will be washed with WHAT?

Come’on!! I just woke up from a virtual reality dream where the computers connected to my brain seeminglessly and it took me half of the ride to figure out that what is going on is my imagination. I enjoyed the ride from then on but when I wanted to get out it seemd so impossible, it was spinning me in, in circles, and then I WAKE UP WITHIN MY DREAM being unable to spin back to 90 degress with the ground, trying to change back my thinking to normal BUT MY MOTHER DOES NOT WANT TO HELP ME!?!?!?

Then, I really wake up, I go to the toilet, put on something warm and write this up and all this a few hours after I wake up crying into my wakefulness about something I do now want to do!

All this is so weird. My life is taking a 360 degree change on the 4th of January and I am totally aware of it this time! How come? How long?


we are all robots! let me know if you disagree. i just analyzed the brain, its functions in relation to our behavior. after analysis i found that there is nothing such as soul. we just do not want to die and we are just driven by the randomly evolved functions in our brain. all of our feelings and functions can be simply modified by chemicals. the proof that soul does not exist is that by taking drugs, drinking alcohol or eating more or less or going to the gym we all tend to develop new personalities. we are all robots and that is fore sure! this helps to understand how we can easily develop a good robotic AI by combining the functions existing in our brain! just a simple analysis.