What would a genius say???

One weird question I get asked when I apply for a job is how well I know Java, .NET, PHP and so on. I have almost 10 years of experience in all of them and they could understand from my CV, but I always keep explaining and giving details of a certain language. But you know it is like, they go to Mozart and ask him, hey Mozart, which musical instrument can you play? When he certainly plays multiple instruments and the main thing is that he composes music for large concerts. So in my case, with someone with a solid 13 years business informatics background it is a weird question, but still on an interview it is something that I can expect being asked of…

2 thoughts on “What would a genius say???

  1. Your CV may say that over 10 years you have used these various languages but it does it show how extensively you have used each of them ? And how recently ?

    If the interviewer doesn’t have the right to ask questions, then I could add these to my CV and apply for the same jobs as you !!

    Will send you a cartoon

    1. Haha, got the cartton Steve. U know it is very good that you point out these things for me, and the reason is that I have been doing this since I was 6, and the truth it for me it absolutely does not matter what language it is especially if I used it for more than a month, I just have natural affinity for it. But it is good to understand it from a point of view whereas someone studied it in school or got a computer science degree at some point and there it might matter how long it has been used.

      The interviewer does have the right, still I think from my point of view it is an interesting question. By the way, I did make a CV export for the Java projects for this company called Open Plus Ltd. They are in UK, but I could work from home as a contractor, still negotiating with them.

      By the way, did u connect the services? I see u are already submitting posts from Firefox or something?

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