What would a genius say???

One weird question I get asked when I apply for a job is how well I know Java, .NET, PHP and so on. I have almost 10 years of experience in all of them and they could understand from my CV, but I always keep explaining and giving details of a certain language. But you know it is like, they go to Mozart and ask him, hey Mozart, which musical instrument can you play? When he certainly plays multiple instruments and the main thing is that he composes music for large concerts. So in my case, with someone with a solid 13 years business informatics background it is a weird question, but still on an interview it is something that I can expect being asked of…

Looking for a new job



Well, I started my job search. It is a bit hard but still I have to give trust to these companies and believe that one of them will be good enough for me as well, not just me being able to tell cool things to the company like Dealogic, even the day I met them the Chief Architect was happy that I knew so much about jQuery and AJAX, client side programming since that was the direction we were heading. Anyway…

So far, in 3 days, I managed to find 3 good companies:

  • Digital Natives, this is number one, their office is like Google or FB, but in Hungary, their development platform is mostly Linux/OS X and Ruby on Rails
  • Dream, they are another Hungarian one, but pretty big, they are mostly PHP
  • Open Plus Ltd., they are in the UK and found them on a Hungarian site, they are mostly Java

Already had an interview with Digital Natives. They are good since they work on projects like speak recognition and they work with Hungarian University related companies such as Aitia. They have multiple rounds but I really like their director, since he is my age, this is my favorite of all.

Dream, they are my secondary since they seem so hip, have to write them a small application though to show them how technical I can be, that is the easiest part so I am doing a little address book application for them, fully Ajax, like FB.

Open Plus Ltd. was found on a Hungarian site and it is remote work but the money is supposed to be really good, so we will see! I will keep you posted but you can be sure I get something very soon! This Dealogic bullshit will not stop me from getting a top job!

These are the sites I am using to find a job:

These are the main ones, I always get an offer from Morgan Stanley, this is like the 3rd time but they just do not accept people without a complete degree, which is weird because 50% of the billionaires of the world did not complete university and started up a business, which is what I did but hell why do they find me if they have these stupid rules? Degree has nothing to do with knowledge. I mean you could get a PhD for 8 years of learning but you cannot get what I have, I have been doing it since I was 6 years old. It is not something that can be called PhD, this is true love of programming…

Anyway, so this is the news, these are the sites I am using, of course, I use Monster, and other Hungarian sites for it but these are the real best ones, but you know never limit yourself to just 3!